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Les neuf principales figures de la danse nouvelle créée par les Elks: le Kickapoo

Print, woodcut 1904, 29.5 x 24 cm

Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis

Three principal figures from the new dance created by the Elks: the Kickapoo. A new choreography, inspired by the Redskins, as a reply to the cake-walk, borrrowed from the negroes of North America

Barthe, Victor

Isadora and Essenin     

Isadora et Essenin        

Isadora und Essenin     

Η Ιζαντόρα και ο Εσένιν    

Drawing 1924 


Gluckmann, Grigory     

Tu-tu shop (Tutu shop)                                                                        

Painting, oil on panel 1945 61 x 26 cm     


Great! I saw her in Paris!

Print, woodcut  1896

“Loïe Fuller in the “Fire dance”

Caricature in an American newspaper”

Petley, Bob

Honey, you and me is shore made fer each other!

Drawing, cartoon 1952


The first quadrille

Print, woodcut 1890


Cocteau, Jean (1889-1963)

Madame Fuller

Loïe Fuller

Η κυρία Φούλερ

Drawing 1835

Lola: Ladies and Shentlemens? I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Print 1850

Caricature from the appearances of Lola


This young man had to light a match in order to find his seat

Print, woodcut  1896

“Loïe Fuller in the “”Fire dance”””

Caricature in an American newspaper

Lista, Giovanni: Loïe Fuller. Danseuse de la Belle Epoque.


Irvin, Rea

Ballet at home

Drawing, color 1925

Lola coming!

Print 1856


Nellé, Anthony

Self portrait

Drawing, sketch 1933


Fanny Elssler’s exit at Coney Island

Print 1840

Levine, David

Isadora Duncan

Ιζαντόρα Ντάνκαν

Drawing, sketch 1964


The Effect of the Revival of Classical Dancing…

Print, sketch, cartoon 1909       



Isadora Duncan

Ιζαντόρα Ντάνκαν

Drawing, 1898