Spanish dancers

Danseurs espagnols

Ισπανοί χορευτές

Print 1848 8.5 x 8.5 cm

Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis

Gil, Rivero

Caricature of Antonia Mercé

Caricature dAntonia Mercé

Καρικατούρα της Αντόνια Μερσέ

Drawing 1930


Sargent, John Singer (painting); Baude (engraving)

El jaleo. Dance of the Gypsy women

El Jaleo. Danse de Gitanes

Print 1882, 21 x 30 cm
Compare with his painting and his study for the painting

Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis



Pastora Imperio in “Love the sorcerer”

Pastora Imperio en “El amor brujo”

Print 1929

Pastora Rojas Monje (Sevilla 1888 – Madrid 1979)

Hopkins, Arthur (drawing)

A visit of the Channel Squadron to Cadiz: Two Spanish ladies dancing the “Sevillana” at an “at home” on board ship

Print 1892, 30.3 x 22.5 cm
The two sisters danced the “Sevillana” and “La Mancheca”, their castanets adorned with ribbons of the national colours and of their hosts’ and guests’.

Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis

Solomonidi-Balanou, Elli

Figures of Spanish dancers from “Florilegio”

Drawing, black marker on paper, 1980

Greece, Athens